Delicious Library

April 1, 2006

I work with computers and software every day. It’s in fact how I pay the bills. So as much as I’ve seen over the years, it’s not easy for me to be blown away by code, no matter how Cocoa-licious. Thus, it is with great fanfare that I annouce that an impressive gust from a company called The Omni Group has officially knocked me on my butt with a little $40 program for Mac OS called Delicious Library.

I stumbled across a demo download link on, and something just sort of drew me in. The program is designed to be a personal media cataloging and management database, which probably explains my initial interest (I tried to create something MUCH less sophisiticated yet similar in intent a few years ago to catalog my wife’s extensive collection of books). What KEPT my attention was the interface and design. This little 11 MB download installs in something like a nanosecond, and it was ready for work three nanoseconds later. Open the software, and you see a nice, little wood bookshelf on your screen waiting patiently for your media. Here’s how easy this software is to use:

1. Turn on your iSight camera.

2. Hold a book, dvd, vhs tape, cd, computer game, etc. up to the camera to show it the ISBN barcode, and wait for the program to give you a soft beep telling you it read the code.

3. Wait a couple of seconds while the software cross-references the ISBN number across several free Internet databases for a match, and then reads you the title of the item through your speakers and places a photographic image of the item on your little bookshelf.

Yeah… it’s really that simple. I didn’t leave anything out.

Not only does it reference the title for you and retrieve an image of the item, but it also retrieves a brief abstract, publication data, reviews and ratings from, and even original pricing and current values. Searching for items is almost fun, as the bookshlf magically updates right before your eyes as you type into the search bar. The software if also full integrated with Spotlight, allowing you to query the Library from the desktop. A Dashboard widget makes quick work of finding titles as well.

Want even more power? A bluetooth barcode scanner ($175) is available from the software’s web site ( for wireless scanning faster than the employee of the month at Wal-Mart. I’m curious to see if I can get the software to share its database across a network, and whether the performace drags after a few hundred titles. I’ll post an update later with my findings.

I’m buying a license as soon as I post this blog, and those of you local to the Bartlesville area feel free to come check it out for yourself on my computer. For those of you Windows users, Delicious Library requires Mac OSX, version 10.3 or greater. Despite this, it’s big-time software, kids.


One Response to “Delicious Library”

  1. Beth said

    Josh! Post more on your blog! I’m almost out of things to read…..

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