Honestly, I have no idea where this is going. I do, however, strongly believe that I have a professional obligation as a technology coordinator for an Oklahoma educational cooperative to familiarize myself with–and stay abreast of–emerging technologies. This especially applies to technologies that stand to potentially impact learning.

Hence, I’ve decided to “operate on myself” a bit and experiment with blogging. Now, make no mistake: It’s not like this is a new phenomenon to me. I’ve carefully watched blogging evolve over the past few years into the almost mainstream medium that it is today. That said, here are some expectations for the poor saps who find themselves perusing my dribble:

What you will NOT find here:

Hyper-philosphical ramblings on such topics as existentialism and the meaning of life. First, there seems to be plenty enough of that going around already. Second, I don’t even begin to presume to offer any unique insight on such matters that have already been horse-whipped by many of the greatest minds throughout history. Finally, you don’t care. You really don’t. Be honest now. I’m a thirty-something, middle class, boring geek from Oklahoma. I’m passionate about learning, the future generations of our world, photography, and most importantly my family. I figure to have enough of a challenge keeping you interested as it is.

Political stump-speaking of any kind. I’m not real keen on politics, politicians, political promises, etc. Let’s just say I’m fairly convinced that both major political parties in the United States are corrupt, and nearly every elected official, no matter how idealistic in the beginning, manages to fall victim to the “monster” that is our nations’s political machine. Plenty of other left and right wing blog-spaces exist for those of who need that sort of fix. Bear in mind that I might address a politically-charged topic on occasion, but my motivation in such cases will surely have nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans.

A manifesto of any kind. I don’t think this requires any explanation.

What you WILL find here:

An attempt at humor. My experience is that people laugh at me on occasion, so despite my dear wife’s insistance to the contrary, I think I have a decent sense of humor. Don’t worry, she loves me anyway.

Honesty. I don’t see the point in wasting my time or yours on the converse.

Better content than what you’ve just read, I promise. I can’t believe you’re still with me. Good God! You must be incredibly bored.

Please let me know what you think, and send me links to the blogspheres of your own. I’m sure I’ve much to learn from you.